Restaurant: Simple RAW

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SimpleRAW is a restaurant located at Oehlenschlægersgade 12, in Vesterbro. My mother and I went there for dinner a Wednesday night and had the most amazing time. The food was so delicious it was unbelievable and the girl who served us where really sweet. I got a good vibe over the whole place. Relaxed, nice environment, really good food and yes, kind of simple but at the same time high level.

I’ve eaten out at a lot of raw food restaurants, especially in NYC – and I honestly must say that this was one of the best raw meals I’ve ever ordered.

We had brunch for dinner:
– SimpleRAW’s bread made of nuts and seeds. It was soft, like a bit chewy.
– Parsley mash made of sunflower seeds and parsley
Cashew yoghurt with their own musli crunch and fresh berries (to die for!)
Portobello pâté in romaine salad
– Rice paper rolls filled with crispy veggies, avocado and sprouts that we dipped in a special kind of soy sauce. Not completely raw though.
– Pineapple marinated in lime, agave and vanilla.
– Chocolate fudge

When you ordered the brunch you got 3 shots to drink with the meal:
– Carrot and ginger
– Pineapple and wheatgrass (my fav!)
– Lemon, agave and chocolate chili

We also ordered extra; sprouted lentil patties and raw dehydrated falafels!

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We had a lemon and orange cheesecake for dessert. Magical as well of course, but we could barely finish it cos’ we were so full from the main course. But it looked so good that we just had to try it!

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They sold cookies, pastries, books, their crunchy granola, the bread and some other stuff. We bought the special soy!