Jilz Crackerz


These organic, gluten free and vegan friendly crackers is one of my favorites when I want something to crunch on. They’re made out of almond flour and is packed with healthy seeds – like sesame, chia and flax. Tuscan is my favorite flavour – with a hint of rosemary!

Nylon Japan October Issue


I’m happy to share that I’m the Nylonista of the month in the latest issue of japanese Nylon. Go find it at you’re magazine store and I believe you find me on page 57… I can’t exactly understand what they written about me – but I do know that when they interviewed me I mainly talked about vegan health food and pilates ;-)

I’m back fellow foodies!!!

000009 kopia 2

Have had quite a few busy weeks so the blog hasn’t been as updated as usual. But as you know – Eddie Mitsou is so much more than just a blog! Whenever you need health food inspiration just go to my recipe page and dive in to the ocean of clean, nutritious vegan recipes :)

Puffed quinoa chocolate


This organic crunchy quinoa chocolate bar is almost too good to be true. It does contain a little bit of cane sugar – which you guys know that I’m not very found of. But it’s okay.


I actually got it on the airport coming from a shoot in San Francisco and was craving chocolate so badly I bought it for almost 10 bucks at the fanciest of stores at the airport. Well, it was worth it for sure in that desperate moment.

But as I’ve said many times before – I do prefer coconut sugar, maple syrup or dates as a sweetener. Cane sugar/juice tends to get too sweet for me, and I find myself getting too jittery and feel a little sluggish the day after .

Garlic-miso eggplant


This garlic-miso marinated roasted eggplant is so good. It melts in your mouth and the balance of sweet and salty is just perfect. Best enjoyed with a cup of steaming green tea!You find it at Blue Light Yokohama on Åsögatan 170, Stockholm. This is found in Sweden, believe it or not!

Mango on stick? YES PLZ


In Stockholm you can find these super brilliant ice cream bars called Popfruits. It’s only a slices of frozen fruit. But on stick. Of course this is something you can easily make at self at home – but when you’re cruising’ around town a hot summer day and your friends are getting a dairy filled vanilla ice cream cone its pretty nice that you have something to enjoy as well. They even sell them at 7Eleven.

They have pineapple on stick too… But mango is my fave!

What are you grateful for?


I’m grateful for this nourishing meal! Collard green wrap with daikon and wakame filling, carrots, sunflower sprouts, avocado, japanese pickled vegetables and sesame wasabi and a thai almond dipping sauce + sesame vinaigrette on the side! Always, everyday – at Café Gratitude.

Beyond Meat Chicken Strips

IMG_0587 (kopia)

I usually don’t buy meat substitutes, but sometimes there’s a new product on the market that I get curious about and want to try. Beyond Meat makes these “chicken strips” that are high in protein, low in calories + carbs and made with non GMO soy- and pea protein.

The reason why I don’t buy fake meat is because I almost honestly think it’s filled with a lot of crap and it’s not very good for you. Also – I don’t miss meat at all and get my protein from other sources like seeds, nuts and beans. It haven’t been one moment in 2,5 years where I’ve missed meat – I fulfill my appetite with other foods.

But – I have to say that I really like the taste and texture of this “chicken”. It’s pretty dense and chewy (like chicken?!) and fill you up perfectly. I honestly didin’t really cook with it – I ate it as it was as a snack. Dipped it in home made hummus and guacamole before going to the gym.

6 strips has 120 calories and contains as much as 20g of protein and only 3g of carbs. Perfect if you’re on a LCHF vegan diet ;-) But watch out – eat it occasionally. Too much soy in your life will mess up your hormones….

The sweetness of being

IMG_1066 (kopia)

The Sweetness of Being is an wildcrafted raw chocolate made here in Venice. It’s sweetened with raw wildflower honey from a solar powered honey farm in California and the cacao is organically grown at a family owned plantation in Mexico. All ingredients they use are organic!

Despite from the amazing chocolate flavor – what I adore about this bar is the beautiful packaging. And you know what the best part is?! It’s not only esthetically pleasing – it’s also a 100% biodegradable…

IMG_1072 (kopia)

I have to admit I had a hard time opening the bar since I didn’t want to ruin the package. But when I after a lot of consideration finally wrapped it open I got overwhelmed by a even prettier “chocolate print”… Can you guys imagine how hard it was for me to take a bite from this?!

Well – it’s definitely worth trying. The peanut butter one is amazing. Very rich so half a circle is enough for one sitting. You can find it at Erewhon and Café Gratitude!