Another fruity memory

I have to give us all some summer inspiration in these freezing cold days. Yesterday it was -5 degrees here in NYC. Brrr! Luckily I was free today so I was at home all day baking :-)

My lunches in Costa Rica mainly contained local fresh fruit and vegetables. It was one vegetable that I had a huge crush on… The yellow thing on the right that almost looks like a apricot is a typical Costa Rican vegetable named Pejibaye.

IMG_3261 copy

It grows in clusters from a certain palm tree and taste like a cross between chestnut, artichoke and perfect buttery sweet potato. How yummy? You boil them in salted water for about an hour and then cut it open and eat the inside. I was totally obsessed with these and ate about 6-7 a day with olive oil and some sea salt.

Here comes the funniest part of the story guys! When I googled about health benefits of Pejibaye I also found the nutrition facts. One Pejibaye contained around 200 calories!

I’m not really a calorie counter but just by counting in my head I can tell that’s a lot of energy to use during a normal active day. 200 multiplied 7 is 1500 calories. A woman should eat around 1800 calories a day… It’s insane how one small fellow can have that much energy!

But it was not only bad carbs. The Pejibaye is rich in vitamin C and high in fiber too. Not the best superfood after all, but doesn’t really matter when it taste so amazing ;-)

The rest on my plate is: papaya with lime juice, mango slices, passion fruit, steamed green beans, mashed avocado and pineapple!