IMG_0431 (kopia)

I bought this non dairy vegan ice cream for a few reasons…

…it was made of rice milk which I’ve never tried before (I usually do coconut or cashew)

…the flavor is a goddamn gluten free Mudd Pie (which sounded totally incredible?!)

The packaging was a PINK PINT!!!!

Chocolate fudge chunks, almonds and gluten free chocolate cookies. Sounds pretty good, no?

The only thing I don’t like about it is that they use dehydrated cane juice as a sweetener… I’m not a huge fan of that and prefer coconut sugar or maple syrup as it is a more natural and blood sugar level-friendly sugar alternative. But once again – balance is so important and to have a scoop (or two) of this occasionally won’t kill ya!!

Apparently gives you good karma too ;-)