The sweetness of being

IMG_1066 (kopia)

The Sweetness of Being is an wildcrafted raw chocolate made here in Venice. It’s sweetened with raw wildflower honey from a solar powered honey farm in California and the cacao is organically grown at a family owned plantation in Mexico. All ingredients they use are organic!

Despite from the amazing chocolate flavor – what I adore about this bar is the beautiful packaging. And you know what the best part is?! It’s not only esthetically pleasing – it’s also a 100% biodegradable…

IMG_1072 (kopia)

I have to admit I had a hard time opening the bar since I didn’t want to ruin the package. But when I after a lot of consideration finally wrapped it open I got overwhelmed by a even prettier “chocolate print”… Can you guys imagine how hard it was for me to take a bite from this?!

Well – it’s definitely worth trying. The peanut butter one is amazing. Very rich so half a circle is enough for one sitting. You can find it at Erewhon and Café Gratitude!