Survival food + Frozen food lecture

IMG_8126 (kopia)

As you might know by now I’m not a person who’s that much into frozen food and cook fast on a high temperature. I believe in keeping the vegetables alive as much as possible and eat them when they’re in season and fresh!

BUT – sometimes you come home from work at 7.52 pm and is so starving you don’t know what to do. You haven’t had time to get your weekly, local groceries and your fridge is as empty as your hungry stomach. Then it’s good to have a backup of frozen food!

The other day I had leftover lentils, a pack of butternut squash and chopped spinach in the freezer. I sautéed it in coconut oil on pretty high temperature (actually!!) with curry spice powder, turmeric, cayenne and nutritional yeast. Luckily I had some fresh parsley at home so I could garnish it nicely for you guys ;-)

Nutritious, filling and warmly grounding!

I tend to always have frozen berries, chopped up ripe bananas and spinach at home. Those are frozen products I really like and use. Berries and bananas I use a lot for smoothies, and sautéed spinach simply served with black pepper and sea salt is something I’ve loved since I was a little girl. My freezer is also always full of leftovers, since I never – what so ever – throw away food. I promise you, you can probably find 1/4 of a vegan lemon cheesecake deep in there somewhere ;-)