Explore: Copenhagen around

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My first of two days in Copenhagen started with some summer sale shopping actually. Yep, believe it or not – I do spend some money on other things then food. Hehe. After that my mum, my dog Maffe and I had lunch at 42° Raw.

– A brown rice risotto with portobello mushrooms and chives. Not raw. And honestly not that good. A bit boring and tasteless.
– A raw mix platter with; Thai noodles with carrot and zucchini noodles and curry, red chili, ginger and coconut oil, a raw sandwich filled with avocado, raw chili mayo, marinated red onions, baby spinach and tomato and a hummus dip with veggie sticks.

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Strolled around in the city area, and a little bit in Vesterbro. Found this amazing tea house named Sing Tehus (Skindergade 25) in the center area. They had plenty of different kind of teas, vegan- and all natural sweets (like the green one with matcha!) and vegan, organic sorbet ice creams.

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As a afternoon snack I had a gluten free-, vegan slice of bread with avocado mousse, spinach, parsnip and pomegranate. Delish! I bought it on a paleo restaurant that I recommend a visit to if you’re into that kind of food. Hard as a vegan maybe, but they still had a nice juice bar and that bread – mmh, it felt good in my belly. The place is called Palæo and you find it at Pilestræde 32, next to the 42°RAW actually.

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After a long day of walking (and eating…eehh..) the whole family settled down at my favorite raw food place in Copenhagen – SimpleRAW. I always get surprised over how much I can stuff myself with when I’m there. Lol.

– The magnificent brunch plate with rice paper rolls, pineapple in agave, lime and vanilla, chocolate fudge, soft sprouted bread, parsley/sunflower seed cream, cashew yoghurt, portobello mushroom sandwich and a lot more.
– A zucchini pasta with avocado-, sprouts- and lentil patties.
– Different kinds of super boost shots. I love the Lemon- agave- and chocolate chili one!
– Raw dehydrated falafels
– Raw yellow beet crackers with dip
– Gazpacho
– Creamy sprouts salad

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And finally; the DESSERTS! My stepfather and brother both were excited!

– Lemon/orange cheesecake
– Raspberry cheesecake
– Triple chocolate fudge
– Blackberry cheesecake

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My favorite one was without a doubt the blackberry one. Not too sweet – a wonderful berry taste – and that cashew creamy texture just melted in my mouth.