Pumpkin cinnamon chia cookies


My girlfriends and I came up with this recipe the other night when we were carving pumpkins at my house. Gluten free, vegan and natural sweetened Pumpkin Cinnamon Chia cookies. Extremely easy and oh so delicious!!

You need:

The cookie:
About 400g pumpkin flesh (we used organic canned pumpkin actually)
Gluten free oat flour*
2 tbs chia seeds
0,5 cups quinoa flakes
3 tbs melted coconut oil
Cinnamon, cardamom, giner and nutmeg
Maple syrup

The glaze:
Coconut oil
Maple syrup
Cacao powder
A touch of gluten free flour

You do:
Blend the pumpkin with oat flour. I unfortunately don’t remember how much we used for the batter, but we put in quite a lot. Maybe one third of the pumpkin flesh amount? Try and see! The dough should be pretty solid when you form the cookies.

Add 2 tbs chia to about 6 tbs water and let sit for a bit. This is the “egg replacer” you will use!

Add the melted coconut oil, quinoa flakes and your own choice of maple syrup-amount to the batter. Then add the spices. We used a lot of them! Don’t be afraid to use too much cinnamon and ginger – that will only boost your metabolism a lil’ extra ;)

Blend in the soaked chia seeds and then try the dough. Taste good? Yeah, then you’re probably ready to form the cookies on a sheet. We put it on with a spoon and then just mashed them out to a cookie. We had it in the oven for a bout 45-50 minutes and then let them dry out for 15 before we tried the first one.

The glaze is really simple; just melt coconut oil on low heat on the stove and add cacao powder and maple syrup while you stir it around. I added a pinch of sesame flour to make it a little more solid in the texture. Spread it on the cookies and wait for 5 min before you eat. If you can…

You eat:
In the light of a carved pumpkin while gossiping with your best girlfriends ;)