Power of Cacao

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Cacao is one of the healthiest superfoods (antioxidant rich and anti-depressive, yea the list is loooong) and something most of us can agree taste pretty damn amazing right?

When I was in Santa Terea, Costa Rica, my favorite lunch spot Olam served this magnificent iced chocolate drink called “Power of Cacao”. My dear friend and food role mother Adi emailed me the ingredient list the other day so here I am; sharing this mind blowing recipe with you guys:

Little bit of banana (for creamy texture)
Coconut milk
Raw cacao beans
A tablespoon tahini
A bit of maple syrup or raw honey (decide yourself how sweet you want it)
Soaked almonds
A bit of cacao butter

When you add the cacao butter in the smoothie it really makes the flavors pop out. When I drank the “Power of Cacao” the first time I honestly thought I was sipping melted dark chocolate – but cold! Sounds weird, but you can only try it to understand the feeling.

Adi never emailed the exact measurements for the drink. I assume she thinks like I do – that you should go by feeling when you cook food. Use the amount you think seems good and I’m sure you’ll be able to end up in something eatable and hopefully tasty ;-)

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