Lucuma blueberry smoothie

IMG_8905 (kopia)

Messy morning in Beachwood Canyon. Waking up late and in a hurry to get ready for castings. Need breakfast. Energy. Making a superfood smoothie in 3 fast minutes and pour it down while putting on make up. Quick fix. Energized. Let’s go!

We all have those mornings. Here’s a mild flavored superfood antioxidant smoothie that will kick start your day.

You need:
1 ripe banana (not frozen)
0,5 cup organic hemp milk
Handful frozen blueberries
1 tbs aronia or acai powder (for antioxidant boost)
1 tbs lucuma powder (for vanilla flavor and lightly sweetener)
Handful ice cubes
(add some filtered water if needed)

You do:
Put in blender as fast as you can. Press start bottom and let it mix. Don’t stress too much though. You don’t want to chop off your fingers because you’re a little late to work.

You drink:
With a straw while putting mascara on your eye lashes. Just make sure too brush your teeth after cos’ you don’t want to enter your first meeting with a blue smile…