Living a clean life

My name is Eddie Mitsou Pettersson and I strongly believe in a healthy (and wealthy!!) lifestyle. I’ve been interested in food and how food influences your body and soul since my early teens. I was 100 % raw one month in January 2012 but I discovered that it wasn’t enough for me in the long run. I got really inspired though and some of the raw dishes is still on my All Time Favorite Meal-list!

2012 became a journey to find out what I wanted to do in life and how I wanted to live it. In the middle of December I finally found what was working best for me – a completely clean lifestyle!

So, here I am today, never feeling better in my body and… yeah, as a cliché as it sounds – soul.

Some of you have been following me on Instagram under @eddiemitsou. To you who just found me I want to say: everything I post on this site and the blog I do to inspire and show that a healthy vegan lifestyle doesn’t need to be boring, expensive or hard.

I’m currently based in LA, going back and forth between Paris and my hometown Stockholm, working as a model. But most likely you’ll find me in a kitchen (un)baking raw cookies.