Joshua Tree + Kale Leaves

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I went to Joshua Tree with my Italian friends this summer. It was an unforgettable road trip where a crazy desert dude, snakes and dehydration was involed. Well, I luckily made it back alive. Don’t know who to thank. God? Or maybe these…


One of my favorite kale chips brands on the market is California Snax that are (as you might understand by its name..) organically made here in California. My all time favorite flavor is the “Pizza” (I know, I’m a lil weird…) but these Sour cream and onion ones made with pesticide free kale, cashews, sunflower seeds, sprouted buckwheat and then spiced with onion, black pepper, sea salt, dill and some more secret spices are not too bad either.

Sitting in the back of the open cab munching straight from this ginormous bag while cruising between no mans land after no mans land was a really interesting experience. Also – imagine it with the background sound of loud Italian dudes.

Find them at Erewhon Natural Market, 7660 Beverly Blvd

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