Explore: Gothenburg around

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Lunch at En Deli Haga. One of the cafés I read about that were supposed to have lots of raw food. But – apparently – “raw food” meant lentil mash rolled into balls and then served cold. Like un-fried falafel. It was kinda tasty though, not as bad as it sounds. But it doesn’t really fit my raw food-scale.

Lentil balls, boild carrots with lots of garlic, red lemony cabbage salad, soy meat and hummus. Had a soup too – spinach with lots of pine nuts – that was okay. Nothing special, but if you’re looking for a healthy lunch place in the Haga area in Gothenburg, this is a option. It’s located on a cosy street, that’s a plus in my notebook! ;)

En Deli Haga, Haga Nygata 15

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I strolled around in the well know area called Majorna. Plenty of organic markets and health food stores. The one that I thought had the most interesting products and nicest vibe was Ekobutiken LIME.

Ekobutiken LIME, Allmänna vägen 16

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One day I had lunch at the traditional café Eva’s Paley. I heard they had a good vegan salad buffet. It was not what I expected since it was pretty small. But totally worth the price.

Crunchy cabbage salad, hummus, chickpeas and roasted red pepper, salad with basil vinaigrette and a amazing homemade gluten free golden/brown flax seed bread that was served warm.

The buffet also included coffee and it only cost 65 SEK so this is a place I recommend if you want to get full for a good price. They also had Wifi so I could work on some posts for you guys ;)

Eva’s Paley, Kungsportsavenyen 39 

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When I was walking home one night. Kind of empty on the streets after Way Out West.

I stayed in Gothenburg three day’s after Way out West ended, so I had plenty of time discovering the city and eating out at vegan restaurants I’ve heard about. Some restaurants need their own post and will be coming up sometime during the coming month. So, stay tuned about the best vegan places in Sweden’s next biggest city.