Ezekiel toast + homemade hummus

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Simple but hearty afternoon snack. Complete protein in the Ezekiel toast and also a healthy carb boost for energy the last hours before dinner. Cayenne is awesome because it boosts your metabolism and burn fat ;-)

Ezekiel toast is something I’ve started eating recently. It’s a grain based all natural and vegan bread made out of sprouted grains, seeds, lentils and beans. It’s not certificiet gluten free in any way – it actually contains pure WHEAT. I read a lot and did tons of research about it before adding it to my diet. It’s said that many people that are sensitive to gluten can eat this without a problem.

If you’re one of the folks out there who doesn’t eat gluten because of “staying in shape”-reasons – this is actually much better than a lot of the GF options out on the market. Most gluten free breads are made out of potato-, corn and white rice flour – which are all “bad carbs” that can promote weight gain.

I tried this because I wanted some variation in my daily diet. And I discovered that it works great for me. One slice contains 80 calories and contains complete protein that fills you up for at least a few hours.

Ezekiel makes a Cinnamon+Raisin toast that is soooo good too. Just toast it, put on some coconut oil and a dash of cardamom and you have you’re grandmas freshly baked cinnamon buns right there. But without all the butter, white flour… and yeah.. calories…

This is information from Ezekiel’s website:

“It’s this special, unique combination of 6 grains and legumes that harvests benefits beyond what we normally expect from our breads, pastas, cereals, and other foods.

– Source of Complete Protein – Rated 84.3% as efficient as the highest source of protein (comparable to that of milk or eggs)
– Contains 18 Amino Acids – Including all 9 essential amino acids
– Increased Digestibility – Sprouting breaks down starches in grains into simple sugars so your body can digest them easily.
– Increased Absorption of Minerals – Sprouting breaks down enzyme inhibitors, so your body can more easily absorb calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc.
– Increased Vitamin C – Sprouting produces vitamin C.
– Increased Vitamin B – Sprouting increases the vitamin B2, B5 & B6.
– Great source of Fiber – Combining sprouted grains and legumes gives a good amount of natural fiber in each serving.