Place: Two Little Birds

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Two Little Birds (Andra Långgatan 5) is an adorable café located in Linnéstan in Gothenburg. It’s a gallery combined with all organic food and sweets. It got a really nice vibe and the street the café is located on is my favorite in Gothenburg. Feels a bit like Copenhagen.

They had good options when it came to salads and sandwiches and they had plenty of vegan desserts and pastries. Unfortunately most of their sweets weren’t gluten free so I only had two to chose between. Of course, I wanted to try both of them…

My lunch at Two Little Birds:
– Tomto- and sunflower seed pesto with pickled veggies, red pepper and lettuce on a homemade gluten free bread
– On the other sandwich I had tahini and a spicy slice of tofu. Simple and delish!
– A magnicficent Snickers cake. Not too much sugar and perfectly crunchy.
– A raw dessert made of nuts and raw cacao

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Check out their website here!