Restaurant: RAWsum

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RAWsum is locaded in the cosy parts of Österbro on Rosenvængets Alle 2. Perfect place to buy lunch from and then enjoy it by one of the lakes. Ecological food, and mainly raw.

We had a raw noodle salad made with shredded chinese radish, sprouts, soy marinated shiitake mushrooms, red pepper, chili and a sauce of lime, soy, cilantro, ginger and chili and a raw sandwich with raw hummus, pesto, avocado, spinach, tomato, sprouts, marinated mushrooms, avocado and shredded beets. It was huge!

The best was the raw pizza slice with three different kind of nut cheese and marinated mushrooms. Super!

The best thing about the place was probably the amazing bread. They had many different kind of raw crackers, and they were more well (un)baked then at other restaurants. They mixed vegetables, sun dried tomatoes and other spices into the bread to make it more tasty.

And, not to forget – the girl who worked there. Thanks for treating us so well! :-)