Restaurant: Hagabions Café

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Imagine yourself sitting here, with a book in your left hand and a spoon in your right – ready to dig in to a top quality vegan meal… This was what I did my three extra nights in Gothenburg. I just have to say; I LOVE this place!

Hagabions Café (Linnégatan 21) is a restaurant located in the same building as one of the cinemas in Gothenburg. They only serve vegetarian food and half of the menu is completely vegan so I had a really hard time deciding what I should order. Everything sounded so good! They change menu from day to day – so it was always something new I wanted to try.

But – the thing about this place that makes it so special is that this restaurant is a place everybody comes to. Good looking, meat-eating hipster guys in their thirties and trendy chic girls in my own age. This is the hot spot in Gothenburg AND they serve absolutely amazing vegan food that everyone likes. Isn’t that like a dream come true? ;-)

I’ve seen this in cities like New York, but this is really an exception when it comes to vegan restaurants in Sweden. I’m impressed! It’s not often you want to spend a Saturday night out at a vegan restaurant otherwise…

Ok, but let’s continue to talk about the food…

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My first evening at Hagabions Café I asked for a mixed plate of two dishes.

I got a chick pea curry with coconut milk and vegetables served with apple chutney and a cucumber and onion salad and a litttle bit of the chili made of soy mince, red pepper and sweet potato served with a corn bread, tomato salad and a incredible chipotle cream.

I asked for a side salad – and see how beautiful it was served!

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For dessert I had one of the more delicious cakes I’ve had in a while. But I’m quite a sucker for chocolate mixed with vanilla ice cream so that could be it ;-)

Chocolate truffle pie made of whiskey, almonds and cashews served with vegan vanilla tofu ice cream. Gaaahh… *still remember the feeling when the cake touched my lips*

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It’s such a nice atmosphere when it get’s darker!

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My second night I enjoyed a eggplant stew spiced with loads of dill and topped with marinated cucumber. On the side I got some smoked tempeh with a avocado purée.

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So unbelievable cosy!

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My last dinner I enjoyed with my dear friend Tilda. I don’t mind having dinner on my own, enjoying a good magazine or writing a bit – but I have to say it felt good to spend one evening at Hagabion with somebody. Just because it’s a bit like one of those places; you go there with a bunch of your friends to enjoy a good glass and maybe get some dinner.

Anyway, my last supper in Gothenburg was;
Red thai curry with baked tofu, crispy cabbage salad and cashews and some spicy, green glass noodles with crispy tempeh with honey and watermelon.