Place: Freshii

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Freshii is one of my favorite lunch spots in Stockholm. Or not really the place itself, it’s only a take out restaurant. But the lunch they have in sooo good. Perfect for a picnic or to bring back to work.

On the lunch menu they have many different vegan, gluten free options; like quinoa bowl, fresh salads and hot soups. But, the best think on the menu is the magnificent kale wraps. I always go for one of them. You decide what you want to have as the “filling” and then they wrap a steamed kale leaf around it.

If you want to order the “Eddie Special” you ask for:
Baby spinach, quinoa, artichoke hearts, raw broccoli, black beans, celery, edamame beans, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes and the asian sesame vinaigrette. And sometimes I’ll add some tofu.

IMG_0740 copy

These pictures is from last week when I enjoyed a kale wrap with my dear friend Daniel in a park called Humlegården in the central of Stockholm. One of the last summery days.