Restaurant: Folkbaren

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Folkbaren (Hornsgatan 72) is a restaurant famous for its classic french cuisine and swedish meatballs, but what most people don’t know is that during the day they serve an absolutely wonderful vegan lunch! I loved the seating, the friendly waitresses and… yes, the raw cakes. But let’s talk about them later.

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For a starter I had a Carrot- and almond soup with flavor of coconut, lime and cilantro. I got an amazing gluten free seed cracker served with it.

I also had a salad with thyme- and sherry marinated portabello mushrooms, avocado, roasted red pepper, green leaves, quinoa, black beans, edamame beans, white beans, puy lentils, pickles, seaweed, roasted seeds and walnuts all mixed with a tahini/lime dressing.

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And then we come to the second part of our restaurant visit. Or should we say “come to my second stomach”? I truly believe you got a separate one for desserts… Or at least I do. There’s always space for something sweet in my belly!

Anyway, we had a raw chocolate truffle covered in freeze-dried raspberries, a raw Carrot cake and a raw Chocolate- and lemon tart.

The Lemon- and chocolate tart was a new concept for me, in Folkbarens way of (un)baking it. The crust was made of coconut oil, shredded coconut, lemon- and orange zest and then the chcolate layer was only cacao and dates. It was unbelievably delicate – and I really liked the fact that it was nut free. It felt more fresh than heavy, as many raw cakes seem to do…

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In my mind on this picture: “If I stab my mum hard with this fork, wonder if I will be able to have the whole Lemon- and Chocolate tart just for myself?”

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The raw Carrot cake was not bad at all either. The crust was almost soft (they had used mainly carrots) and the topping was as usual made of those lovely fatty cashews. Dear old cashew cream, will we ever stop loving you?