Restaurant: Firefly Garden

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Raw food on another level – that’s what you get when you have dinner at Firefly Garden (Frederiksborggade 26) in Copenhagen. It’s so well done and the mix of ingredients and flavors are unbeliveble in some dishes. It made me a bit crazy when I realized that I would never be able to make this at home. It’s too advanced. It’s raw food gourmet. And; organic.

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As a starter we shared a root vegetable cous cous with carrot cream, pumpkin seed flake, pickled mushrooms and raspberry vinaigrette.

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For the main course we both chose the risotto. It turned out as a very smart choice! Asparagus, mushroom and sprouts risotto with macadamian herb cream, served with salad on asparagus and beetroot with summer cabbage chips. Wow! The dish was so beautifully created and the whole idea of making a risotto on sprouts was so clever. The texture was perfect! Crunchy and creamy.

Mark explain the ingredients for us in the last picture. He was such a kind guy, really made our visit to the restaurant something to remember. It was him and the sunny outside seating. And yes, of course the food as well *almost forgot*

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Ok, I’ve been writing that the food was good. Yep, that’s true. The only problem is now how I can explain HOW good the dessert was?!

A raw kolfi (cashew milk, pistachios, raisins, orange, cardamom and some secret spices) with raw caramelized pecans and almonds was one of the desserts. We also had the Cacao-avocado mousse perfumed with ginger and rum, served with ginger syrup pineapple and maca-chai ice cream on a layer of soaked chia seeds.

Amazing created desserts, but the thing is that I’m almost getting tears in my eyes when I’m writing about the Maca/chai ice cream. It was honestly the most lovely thing I’ve ever tasted. I was annoying and asked for an extra scoop. Thanks to Mark I got one, but I understand why they serve so little of it.

I tried to get the recepie, but unfortunetly you need an ice cream machine to make it he said. But i don’t know. Maybe someday? Almond milk, maca powder, agave, chai…?! Hmm.. What do you think? *dreaming*

If you’re in the mood for raw gourmet food when your in Copenhagen, this is definitely a place to visit!