Restaurant: Ecobaren

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May I offer you a plate of raw heaven? *trying to look welcoming*

Ecobaren at Centralbadet (Drottninggatan 88) is one of my absolute favorite restaurants in Stockholm. The calm atmosphere, the wonderful people who work there and of course – the magnificent food.

I’ve actually decided to divide the post about Ecobaren into two. This is the first chapter; about the food. There will be another one about the desserts that I’ll post within a few days. I ended up editing 21 pictures from my visits at Ecobaren and I thought that was way to much reading in one post.

When I was living in Stockholm I used two come here a few times a month with my mum. We usually had brunch here on Sundays. Oh, now when I think about it i miss it so much.

And my mum…

Anyways, even though you won’t have the chance to come here – I think this this post will be very inspiring for all of you raw food lovers out there. Just let the colors and shapes from the dishes sink in. Maybe even try to imagine the smoothness of the cashew cream and crunchiness of the dehydrated crackers?!


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Zucchini noodles with a creamy sesame dressing, oyster mushroom, baby spinach, kimchi, sprouts, spicy tuscan kale chips and a lovely rosemary buckwheat cracker.

IMG_0112 copyIMG_0113 copy

Rawbeef made of beets with a taste of capers and Dijon mustard served with cauliflower cous cous, almond- and herb butter, dehydrated carrot- and eggplant chips and my favorite goji- and raisin cracker.

IMG_3354 copy

Raw pizza with a fresh tomato sauce, basil pesto, marinated mushrooms and cashew cheese. Comes with a side salad and marinated chanterelle mushrooms.

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I’m obsessed with their hemp seed- and hazelnut hummus so I always ask for extra of that and the goji/raisin cracker. The almond butter is also magnificent. Yes – everything honestly is! My poor dog Maffe never get to try it though, since I would never share that delicious stuff. Ok, my mum get’s to try a teaspoon once in a while… ;-)

IMG_2522 copy

Taco plate with a nut- and sprout “mince” crumble, spicy salsa, guacamole, sauerkraut, kale chips, lentil sprouts, flax seed bread and some of my usual order of extra hemp seed and hazelnut hummus.

IMG_3339 copy

Energizing plate with green leaves, root crops, basil- and pumpkin seed pesto, sprouts, fermented vegetables, seaweed and avocado served with a saffron dressing and pumpkin seed bread.

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