Restaurant: Ecobaren part two

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So, here comes the second part about Ecobaren at Centralbadet. And this one folks, will make you crave for something sweet. Just telling you, so you don’t read this when you’re at home without anything candy-like to munch on. Make sure you have something – like dried pineapple or maybe a square of raw chocolate – to eat before you read this post…


IMG_3388 copyIMG_3384 copy

Young coconut vanilla ice cream served with a banana- and sesame cracker and mango purée and a pecan cashew ice cream with a raw chocolate sauce.

IMG_3375 copy

Dark chocolate truffel and cherry cashew cake (with hidden whole cherries inside) and a sauce of cherries. O-M-G! Served with dehydrated pistachio biscuit.

IMG_3777 copy

Raw tropical cheesecake with durian fruit, lime and coconut. Served with semi frozen mango and pineapple with a mango sauce drizzled with raw cacao sauce and pistachio biscuits.

IMG_0136 copyIMG_0150 copy

Raspberry- and passion fruit cheesecake and an amazing mango cheesecake with chocolate crust and sweet raspberry sauce.

I hope you all understand that non of these cakes have been baked or contain animal products. The “cheese” in the cheesecakes is made from cashew nuts and young coconut flesh.

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