Restaurant: 42 Raw

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42 Raw is a raw food restaurant locaded in Copenhagen and London. When I was in Copenhagen last week I visited the place two times. I’ve been to 42 Raw in London a couple of times and I remembered the food as excellent, so I was really excited to try out the ones in Copenhagen. And – luckily – I was not disappointed!

There’s one located at Pilestræde 32 and one at Waterfront, Tuborg Havnevej 4-8. I went to both cos’ I heard that the one at Waterfront had a bigger menu. Maybe they did have a few more options, but if you’re in Copenhagen as a tourist I think you should go to the one at Pilestræde, in the middle of Copenhagen. The waterfront area is kind of lame.

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Raw granola! I tried both (of course heheh…) and I can tell you that the best one is the vanilla/hazelnut one.

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Hemp seed brownie. To die for! You see how crazy happy I am when I’m about to eat it?!

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For breakfast we stuffed our body with nutritious food at 42 Raw Waterfront.

1. The “Piece of heaven cheesecake” – with pear and honey hazelnuts (not completely raw) in the back and “Fabulos fairy tale cheesecake with blueberry and mint.

2. Homemade almond milk with the cinnamon/walnut granola and fresh fruit!

3. The tapas plate!

– Thai noodles with carrot and zucchini noodles and curry, red chili, ginger and coconut oil.

– Raw sandwich filled with avocado, raw chili mayo, marinated red onions, baby spinach and tomato.

– Lasagna made of squash, walnuts, tomato sauce, parsley pesto, cashew creme and baby spinach.