Restaurant: Open World Café

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When you visit Open World Café (Sätraängsvägen 134, Danderyd) it feels like you’re entering a new, calm world of healthy happy people and natural food. It is like a community in a way. Since it is quite a bit outside of Stockholm (about 50 minutes with train and bus) on the countryside it’s really like leaving the hectic capital of Sweden and enter this natural food paradise. And the people that goes there is mostly from the Danderyd area.

My mum and I went there and started our lunch with an amazing coconut milk green pea soup with parsley served with a homemade seed cracker.

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They serve one 100 % raw dish everyday, one vegan plate and one soup. My mum and I were eager to try a lot of stuff so we asked for mixed plates.

– An incredible amazing beet quinoa salad with apricots and
almonds topped with a green pea hummus.
– Raw seed crackers
– Shredded beets, dehydrated kale chips and sprouts
– Celery stuffed with a nutty olive mash
– A small side of their famous spicy thai noodle salad
– Cauliflower cous cous with lots of seeds, broccoli and sundered tomatoes with beet ravioli and a spicy horseradish mash.

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Dessert was a cinnamon spiced nutty cashew cake!

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I didn’t feel to photogenic this Saturday, so unfortunately  I can’t show you a picture of healthy happy me enjoying my raw foods. Hehe.. ;-)

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They also have a small store where they sell cook books, herbs, superfood powders (like Guarana, rose hip powder, spirulina) and raw honey. This place is really worth a visit if you want to take a small trip out to the calm nature of Danderyd. Just make sure that they are open and check the menu on their Facebook page before you go; they change it everyday so make sure to go out there when they serve something really spectacular. Check out more information here!