Restaurant: Nirvana Själamat

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My last day in Stockholm I actually didn’t spend in Stockholm… I spend it in Food heaven, at a place properly named Nirvana. Nirvana is a yoga studio, mediation- and healing center located on Åsögatan 166. They just opened a vegan café named Själamat.

I’ve been going to this place even before they opened the café and the two guys who started it – Erik and Josef – asked me to try out their menu before I left to the states. I had a wonderful afternoon enjoying the sample plates and I must say – this is really something new. These guys puts raw food on the Swedish map.

So, now my Swedish readers don’t have to be jealous of my fancy raw food posts from New York. You can take the blue bus number 3 from Slussen to Nytorget and enjoy a spectacular meal at Själamat. Here comes a preview and my thoughts about the menu:

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The first course was a green kale purée made of kale, avocado, cucumber and celery with a grape leaf dolma filled with dehydrated pears, kale, oregano and chili served with ginger ice and a secret vegetable broth.

The dolma was honestly one of the most delightful raw things I’ve eaten. It was almost sweet and the texture was perfectly dense. Erik and Josef totally got me hooked on the first meal. And I promise you boys, I’m not an easy catch!

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Second course was a root vegetable salad made of swedish vegetables, radish, apple, dried elderberry and parsnip chips. Served with a creamy carrot cream and a celery cream.

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Next to come was a raw Cauliflower soup made with coconut oil and served with a green pea purée, sea buckthorn marinated fennel, dried blueberries and dehydrated onion rings.

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You see how crazy beautiful the colors of these magnificent raw food dishes are?

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Dear readers, I know I use words like “amazing”, “the best”, “incredible yummy” in many of my post when I describe food I have eaten. But it is the truth though, I always seem to pick the right choices ;-)

Anyway, what I wanted to say with this what when I’m now saying that this rose hip bread Erik and Josef baked is the best amazing and most incredible yummy gluten free bread I’ve eaten – I’m not kidding. This is a totally new level of creating gluten free bread.

This sandwich was the perfect combination of rose hip butter, sauerkraut, sprouts and the wonderful carrot purée. As you could see I asked for one more slice cos’ it was literally the juiciest, yummiest bread I’ve eaten.

Of course the recipe is super secret, but I promise you that it’s all healthy!

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Then it was time for dessert! Even though I just ate four plates of food I was super eager to have the last plate. If the food was this good, imagine the desserts then.

A raw Bounty bar, a raspberry sunflower seed cheesecake with chocolate crust (!!!), sorbet made of locally picked apples and a raspberry/blueberry candy roll.

This dessert platter was for sure something to put on my list of “Best healthy desserts”…

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That candy roll tasted like those sweet candies I ate when I was a kid… Flashback!

So, if you go to Själamat… Or no I mean, WHEN you go to Självamat (cos’ you can’t miss this place!) the things you have to order is:

– Pear dolma
– Creamy carrot purée
– Gluten free rose hip bread
– Nut free raspberry cheesecake