Restaurant: Koji’s

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Koji’s is a japanese restaurant located in Playa Hermosa just outside Santa Teresa. Famous for their sushi and sashimi since the fish is probably as fresh as it can be. But – they had some vegan- and gluten free options for me too.

A big star that they had gluten free soy on the menu!

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I had their grilled vegetables with gluten free ponzu sauce. Mainly based on local grown veggies so kind of macrobiotic if you skip the tomato and bell pepper ;-) My favorite was the grilled beet, since that’s something I rarely eat. Grilled beets, smart idea, right?!

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My friends all enjoyed their food. We actually finished out dinner in 45 minutes haha. This place is very vegan- and gluten free friendly since it’s based on a lot of veggies and rice, it’s just me that make everything more complicated since I don’t at white rice.

I’m always picky and have a harder time on japanese restaurants because of that. Just wanted to let you know that it’s not the place – it’s me! ;-)

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I also had a mushroom miso soup and munched a lot of ginger! I wasn’t too hungry this night so this amount was enough for me. Otherwise I would have eaten something before.

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Koji’s, 400 mts south of Hermosa Valley School, Playa Hermosa