Curry coleslaw, crackers & chicory tea


What’s cooking for dinner?

– Superfood “coleslaw” made out of shredded broccoli stalks + carrots mixed with vegan soy free mayo from Follow your heart, cayenne pepper, a dash of spicy curry powder and nutritional yeast. Topped with spicy spirulina sprouted sunflower seeds!
– Green beans sautéed in loads of coconut oil, black pepper and organic truffle salt
– Sprouted mung beans, sunflower seeds and fenugreek from Santa Monica Farmers Market
– Mary’s Gone Crackers gluten free brown rice and quinoa herb crackers
– Raw nori power wraps made out of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, raw beet powder, raw fish free nori, celtic sea salt, lemon and mexican spices. Love these!
– A cup of warming and digestion helping fennel, chicory and anis seed tea from Pukka.