Costa rican Plantain Party!!

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Parts of Costa Rica’s food culture is not at all for me, but some typical things they eat was I really eager to try. One of those things was the plantains! Looks like a banana, taste like a banana – but is not a banana… It’s a vegetable that costa ricans eat as a side instead of pasta, potatoes, rice or other common carbohydrates. Even though it’s a carb-bomb it’s a real superfood in my opinion. High amount of potassium, vitamin A and C and a good source of fiber.

The problem for me in Costa Rica was that at all the restaurants they fry the plantains in butter. So I was never able to eat them as the inhabitants do with rice and beans. I did really want to try them though so one night I cooked them at home.

I fried the plantain two different ways:
1) Plantain “pancake” sautéed with fresh ginger and a bit of honey and then mashed out in the pan to a pancake like shape. More dessert-ish…
2) Traditional fried in (lots of!) olive oil.

I ate it as a lighter dinner along with my favorite thing, mashed avocado with sea salt and black pepper for those who wonder, and celery sticks with local lime. For dessert I had that cute mini sized banana.

I really, really liked it! I actually have another plantain recipe coming up… ;-)

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