Coconut Blueberry Maca


Antioxidant filled blueberry maca smoothie that will keep your afternoon energy up for the rest of the day!

I use chia seed in the mix to get the consistency more thick without adding too much banana. Bananas are high in sugar and using half of one is a perfect serving size in my opinion. Chia seeds is also a great Omega 3, fiber and protein source!

The superfood powders makes it even more beneficial for you – but of course you could make it without if you don’t have it at home. Blueberries and the healthy fats from coconut is suuuuper beneficial for you as it is. I do really recommend using Maca though – it gives the smoothie a sweet vailla-ish twist and it’s rich in vitamin B, C, and E!

You need:
0,5 cup coconut milk
Filtered water
Frozen blueberries
Chia seeds
Half of a ripe banana
Acai powder
Maca powder
Blueberry- and dried cloudberry powder

You do:
Blend everything in a mixer. I made it pretty with a dollop of coconut milk, chia seeds and Acai powder.

You eat:
Without getting blueberry smoothie on your white shirt!