Cleansing Cucumber Soup

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Cleansing detox soup that is super easy to make – but also filled with healthy nutritious staples that will cleanse your system. The whole soup is crazy low is calories (only 180!) so it’s perfect to eat for lunch the day after a big holiday meal to feel light and fresh. Colors are Christmassy too ;-)

You need:
3 celery stalks
0,5 ripe avocado
1/3 cucumber
A lot of fresh basil (two handfuls?!)
Fresh squeezed lemon (I did 2 squeez-ez!)
A tbs vegetable boullion
A pinch of cayenne pepper (to get the heat up!)
Filtered water

You do:
Cut the celery and cucumber in smaller pieces. Mix in a blender with little less than 1 cup filtered water. Add the rest of the ingredients. Don’t forget to peel the avocado ;-) Maybe add more water for more volume if the soup gets to much like a mash. Feel free to add more cleansing herbs – like garlic, cumin, parsley and chili pepper.

I personally love using only basil – the soup reminds me of warm, sunny summers in Italy :-)

You eat:
Preferably topped with some crunchy sauerkraut and crushed black pepper. Maybe some seed crackers too?!

Sauerkraut is a great superfood that aids digestion and boost immune system with its high Vitamin C content. Thumbs up!

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