Chocolate overnight oats


Overnight oats must be one of the easier ways to have a nutritious breakfast if you’re not a morning person or tend to be in a rush in the am.. This is a easy breezy recipe I like to make when I feel like a sweet morning with boosting antioxidants from the cacao.. If you want to make it creamier use a non dairy milk product instead of water!

You need:
Half a cup gluten free rolled oats
Half a cup filtered water
A dash of unsweetened almond milk
Half a banana
About one tbs raw cacao powder

(Half that, half this.. Well, I like to eat smaller meals, but if you’re a hungry person make everything into a whole..)

You do:
Mash the banana (the more ripe, the better!) and stir in the liquid, oats and cacao. Let it soak over night…

You eat:
…and enjoy in the morning topped with cacao nibs (for extra chocolate feel and crunch) and flax seeds for healthy fiber!