Chocolate banana ice cream

IMG_9953 (kopia)

You’ve all probably seen tons of banana ice creams out there already.. I would be surprised if this was the first you discovered. We all love them – all these variations you can create with frozen banana and some superfood powders is totally incredible. How can something so natural and simple taste soooo good?!

Anyways, I wanted to share the most simple recipe I know. Whenever I’m home and watching an tearful episode of Grey’s Anatomy (yes.. that’s my guilty pleasure!) and crave something sweet – this is my first choice. Cos’ we all know that consuming too heavy foods just before bedtime can make your toned abs slowly disappear…

You need:
Half a frozen banana
Raw cacao powder

You do:
Blend in mixer

You eat:
While watching Meredith kiss Derek in the on-call room.

Pretty simple, huh?

And the best thing is.. It’s only about 50 calories! No added crap. You get a boost of antioxidants with the raw cacao as well.. But I do have to admit – sometimes in the 29th minute (when the episodes is coming to a nerve breaking end..) I go to the kitchen and blend another scoop.. But hey – a banana before bedtime! Nothing wrong with that ;-)

Ps. I topped this scoop with some cacao nibs for extra crunch.