Chips and bacon burger, anyone?

IMG_0685 (kopccia)

The raw vegan “Chips and Bacon”-burger at Rawvolution is the most outstanding burger I’ve ever had. I’m not a huge fan of hamburgers or fatty pizza slices as it is but this dude was seriously to DIE FOR!!!!

The “bun” is a raw dehydrated onion bread and it’s filled with a walnut patty. But then the toppings are the best – coconut jerky, crunchy kale chips, cashew mayo and a touch of raw ketchup.

It’s ginormous and soooo filling. I shared it with my mum who was visiting in April. Was full for a couple of days after this burger bomb!! ;-)))

Find it at Rawvolution on 2301 Main Street in Santa Monica. Def worth having!