Red explosion

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Cayenne chocolate- and almond milk-pudding filled with flax seeds, blueberries, lupin flour and vanilla powder. Topped with raw cacao, cacao nibs and fresh strawberries!

Eat Out: Yogayama

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This afternoon I had a late lunch date with my dear friend Josef. We went to the restaurant Yogayama that is located in the yoga studio with the same name. I had their raw dish of today that was a cashew falafel salad filled with spinach, different kind of seaweed, bean sprouts, water melon, kiwi, cauliflower, carrots, radish and lots of mixed seeds. Delish!

I can really recommend this place if you’re a vegan searching for a well made lunch on a nice spot. We sat on their cozy roof top. The price was 135 sek for the lunch and that included a salad bar with hummus and your choice of coffee or chai tea.

Yogayama’s restaurant (or maybe I should say staff..) get’s an extra plus for offering me gluten free bread with my hummus. I will definitely come back soon!

Yogayama, Jungfrugatan 8

I just love cauliflower!

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Cauliflower roasted in oven with olive oil, sea salt, pepper and rosemary served with sauerkraut red cabbage and cubed avocado with sesame seeds. On the side a handful of blueberries and a shot of coconut water!

Gourmet vegan at dad’s

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Jerusalem artichoke and celery roasted in oven + vegan patties made of shredded zucchini, carrots, sesame seeds and spices + an amaziiiiiing red wine sauce made with almond flour and smoked almonds. I love my dad!



Stir fried kelp noodles and broccoli in tamari soy and yakiniku sauce, a side of crispy raw thin sliced broccoli mixed with olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon and a handful of my absolute favorite; sesame roasted seaweed!

I love broccoli! It’s high in calcium which is good for me who doesn’t have any milk products in my daily diet. Meanwhile I was slicing the broccoli into thin pieces I ate a little bit of it – and it was so crispy and tasteful as it was – so I didn’t have the heart to put everything in the frying pan and kill it. I then decided to make half of it as a raw salad on the side. I also believe that it’s good to eat raw to get the most out of all the good vitamins. Go raw, right?! ;)

Busy Friday!

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Rosemary roasted squash with sprouted salt and pepper walnuts + cubed watermelon with amaranth grain and cardamom + raw cacao crunch granola made of sprouted buckwheat, raw cacao, coconut and sultanas from Whole Foods + some Spirulina pills!

I just got back from a class of Pilates and I’m loading up with this fresh energy while writing this. Now I’m heading out again cos’ I’m gonna do some serious food shopping at my favorite health store here in Stockholm. Woop woop!

Crispy seedy kelp for my gals

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Last night I had dinner with my girlfriends to celebrate spring! Everybody brought some food. I was a bit in a hurry to the party so I made this yummy side in a few minutes. I’ll post some pictures from the party later!

Kelp noodles soaked in Yakiniku sauce and mixed with hemp seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds and sesame seeds. Yummy!

Last nights fun

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Dinner last night was at my friend Frida’s house. We were 10 girls who all brought so much food it was crazy.

My plate was filled with Lovisa’s quinoa salad with shredded raw zucchini, raw mushrooms, tomatoes, squeezed lemon and herbs + her homemade hummus, Emma’s spicy vegan chili stew, Helin’s rice paper rolls filled with mango, chili, lettuce, smoked salmon, avocado and leek my own seedy kelp noodles. Nike brought the most amazing tofu-ice cream for dessert. It was served with warm raspberries and blueberries.. It was an excellent dinner!

Disappointed girl far away from Juice Press

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One of my favorite meals ever is Juice Press raw oatmeal. I spend my last american dollars on one of these delicious treats at my local store on 10th street and Avenue A. I wrapped it in double plastic bags and carefully put it in my suitcase to bring it over to Sweden.

When I opened up my bag in my apartment in Stockholm about 15 hours later – I immediately knew something was wrong. The smell.

I don’t want to ruin my sweet memory about the creamy, vanilla, soaked cashew oats that melts in your mouth – so I think we end the story here.