Mango on stick? YES PLZ


In Stockholm you can find these super brilliant ice cream bars called Popfruits. It’s only a slices of frozen fruit. But on stick. Of course this is something you can easily make at self at home – but when you’re cruising’ around town a hot summer day and your friends are getting a dairy filled vanilla ice cream cone its pretty nice that you have something to enjoy as well. They even sell them at 7Eleven.

They have pineapple on stick too… But mango is my fave!

What are you grateful for?


I’m grateful for this nourishing meal! Collard green wrap with daikon and wakame filling, carrots, sunflower sprouts, avocado, japanese pickled vegetables and sesame wasabi and a thai almond dipping sauce + sesame vinaigrette on the side! Always, everyday – at Café Gratitude.

Test: Beyond Meat Chicken Strips

IMG_0587 (kopia)

I usually don’t buy meat substitutes, but sometimes there’s a new product on the market that I get curious about and want to try. Beyond Meat makes these “chicken strips” that are high in protein, low in calories + carbs and made with non GMO soy- and pea protein.

The reason why I don’t buy fake meat is because I almost honestly think it’s filled with a lot of crap and it’s not very good for you. Also – I don’t miss meat at all and get my protein from other sources like seeds, nuts and beans. It haven’t been one moment in 2,5 years where I’ve missed meat – I fulfill my appetite with other foods.

But – I have to say that I really like the taste and texture of this “chicken”. It’s pretty dense and chewy (like chicken?!) and fill you up perfectly. I honestly didin’t really cook with it – I ate it as it was as a snack. Dipped it in home made hummus and guacamole before going to the gym.

6 strips has 120 calories and contains as much as 20g of protein and only 3g of carbs. Perfect if you’re on a LCHF vegan diet ;-) But watch out – eat it occasionally. Too much soy in your life will mess up your hormones….

The sweetness of being

IMG_1066 (kopia)

The Sweetness of Being is an wildcrafted raw chocolate made here in Venice. It’s sweetened with raw wildflower honey from a solar powered honey farm in California and the cacao is organically grown at a family owned plantation in Mexico. All ingredients they use are organic!

Despite from the amazing chocolate flavor – what I adore about this bar is the beautiful packaging. And you know what the best part is?! It’s not only esthetically pleasing – it’s also a 100% biodegradable…

IMG_1072 (kopia)

I have to admit I had a hard time opening the bar since I didn’t want to ruin the package. But when I after a lot of consideration finally wrapped it open I got overwhelmed by a even prettier “chocolate print”… Can you guys imagine how hard it was for me to take a bite from this?!

Well – it’s definitely worth trying. The peanut butter one is amazing. Very rich so half a circle is enough for one sitting. You can find it at Erewhon and Café Gratitude!

Drink: Elissa’s Vital Force


One of my favorite cold pressed juices in town is Elissa’s Vital Force from LA Juice on Melrose. It’s right around the corner from my house (8360 Melrose Ave) so I guess it might have become a weekly addiction as well…

You can see the ingredients on the cap. What I love about it is that it’s green but also lightly sweeter hence the pear. It’s the perfect “in between” juice. It’s also supports Thyroid function which is a huge plus!

Vanilla, chocolate or chai?


A flavor guide of these incredible raw macaroons from Emmy’s Organics coming up soon… Stay tuned!

About to down this…


Don’t let carbs scare you my friends!!! ;-)

Last week I had lunch with my dear friend Lucy at Earthbar (8365 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood) and my meal was far from low carb… I enjoyed a huge Acai bowl with banana, strawberries, bee pollen and goji berries. Amazingly filling and the perfect meal when it is like 28 celcius degrees on the cooking streets…

Acai and goji berries are high in antioxidants and keeps your skin young and youth looking ;-)

IMG_5694 (kopia)

Sweet spinach + turmeric triumph

IMG_1177 (kopia)

Sorry guys… This is just a TEASER!

I will be posting this amazing anti-inflammatory and immune boosting smoothie recipe within a near future. I can say though… There might be some mango involved ;-)

Test: Brown rice couscous

IMG_0958 (kopia)

An organic food store in my neighborhood here in West Hollywood was closing so they had a big sale and sold a lot of great products for dirty cheap price. Of course – as the big food geek I am – I found a lot of things that I never thought I would need, but now OF COURSE had to spend money on ;-)

This brown rice cous cous from Lundberg was one of these bargains. And – it turned out it was a pretty good 4 dollar investment ;-) It’s made out of 100% roasted brown rice that they shaped into couscous. Super tasty and exactly like couscous in my opinion. The only thing is that it’s a little hard to cook perfectly. I had to make it a few times until I realized how to get the perfect texture. It gets sticky pretty easy and more porridge like if you don’t cook it with right amount of water etc.

I ended up making a classic couscous salad with lots of veggies. I’ll try to post a picture someday soon!