Jilz Crackerz


These organic, gluten free and vegan friendly crackers is one of my favourites when I want something to crunch on. They’re made out of almond flour and is packed with healthy seeds – like sesame, chia and flax. Tuscan is my favourite flavour – with a hint of rosemary oil!

Nylon Japan October Issue


I’m happy to share that I’m the Nylonista of the month in the latest issue of japanese Nylon. Go find it at you’re magazine store and I believe you find me on page 57… I can’t exactly understand what they written about me – but I do know that when they interviewed me I mainly talked about vegan health food and pilates ;-)

Green n’ clean


Recipe of my green smoothie with a hint of sweet raspberry soon up under the drinks category! Stay tuned!

I’m back fellow foodies!!!

000009 kopia 2

Have had quite a few busy weeks so the blog hasn’t been as updated as usual. But as you know – Eddie Mitsou is so much more than just a blog! Whenever you need health food inspiration just go to my recipe page and dive in to the ocean of clean, nutritious vegan recipes :)

Puffed quinoa chocolate


This organic crunchy quinoa chocolate bar is almost too good to be true. It does contain a little bit of cane sugar – which you guys know that I’m not very found of. But it’s okay.


I actually got it on the airport coming from a shoot in San Francisco and was craving chocolate so badly I bought it for almost 10 bucks at the fanciest of stores at the airport. Well, it was worth it for sure in that desperate moment.

But as I’ve said many times before – I do prefer coconut sugar, maple syrup or dates as a sweetener. Cane sugar/juice tends to get too sweet for me.

Chocolate overnight oats


Overnight oats must be one of the easier ways to have a nutritious breakfast if you’re not a morning person or tend to be in a rush in the am.. This is a easy breezy recipe I like to make when I feel like a sweet morning with boosting antioxidants from the cacao.. If you want to make it creamier use a non dairy milk product instead of water!

You need:
Half a cup gluten free rolled oats
Half a cup filtered water
A dash of unsweetened almond milk
Half a banana
About one tbs raw cacao powder

(Half that, half this.. Well, I like to eat smaller meals, but if you’re a hungry person make everything into a whole..)

You do:
Mash the banana (the more ripe, the better!) and stir in the liquid, oats and cacao. Let it soak over night…

You eat:
…and enjoy in the morning topped with cacao nibs (for extra chocolate feel and crunch) and flax seeds for healthy fiber!


Garlic-miso eggplant


This garlic-miso marinated roasted eggplant is so good. It melts in your mouth and the balance of sweet and salty is just perfect. Best enjoyed with a cup of steaming green tea!

You find it at Blue Light Yokohama on Åsögatan 170, Stockholm. This is found in Sweden, believe it or not!

Mulberry + cacao + spirulina


The green superfood seed bar from Elemental is probably my all time favorite bar on the market!

Made with buckwheat sprouts, almonds, coconut, sunflower- and pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts, sesame seeds, spirulina, cacao nibs and mulberries. All these superfoods binded together into a bar with help from cacao butter and lightly sweetened with raw honey.

Perfect afternoon snack or as a breakfast on the go. The time this photo was taken it was a typical “breakfast on the go”… You can see that on my morning puffy eyes ;-)

Milk and cereal.. My way!

IMG_6569 copy

Raw homemade almond milk with sprouted buckwheat + sunflower seeds, shredded coconut and some superfood Hemp & Greens superfood cereal (made with spinach, spirulina, chlorella, alfalfa leaf and Dandelion leaf) from Living Intensions. Light energy kick before a class of hot yoga!