Cookies makes me wanna dance

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Since I’m not a big drinker, I tend to eat to keep energized at the party! In NYC it’s certainly easy since there’s Deli’s in every corner that’s open 24/7. Most of them have great healthy “sugar kick” options that I’ll snack on between a dinner at Indochine and dancing at Berlin.

One place that sells one of my favorite cookies is Momofuku Milk Bar on 251 E 13th street in East Village. Model Karlie Kloss has created this vegan, gluten free and refined sugar free oatmeal cookie. Geniously named Karlie’s Kookies these are made with almond flour, gluten free oats and lightly sweetened with agave. Perfectly chewy with chocolate chips and slivered almonds.

Some of the proceeds are also going to FEED, that provides meals for children in NYC and around the world.

These cookies has been around for a few years – but everytime I’m in the city I have to treat myself with a cookie. Party clean and for a good cause! Could it be better?

Momofuku Milk Bar is open until midnight so if you head there 11.53pm you can munch your cookie in the yellow cab on the way to the club! All about planning ;-)

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Party safe, peeps! And apply red lipstick AFTER eating the cookie…


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I bought this non dairy vegan ice cream for a few reasons…

– It was made of rice milk which I’ve never tried before (I usually do coconut or cashew)
– The flavor is a goddamn gluten free Mudd Pie (which sounded totally incredible?!)
– The packaging was a PINK PINT!!!!

Chocolate fudge chunks, almonds and gluten free chocolate cookies. Sounds pretty good, no?

The only thing I don’t like about it is that they use dehydrated cane juice as a sweetener… I’m not a huge fan of that and prefer coconut sugar or maple syrup as it is a more natural and blood sugar level-friendly sugar alternative. But once again – balance is so important and to have a scoop (or two) of this occationally won’t kill ya!!

Apparently gives you good karma too ;-)

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Joshua Tree + Kale Leaves

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I went to Joshua Tree with my Italian friends this summer. It was an unforgettable road trip where a crazy desert dude, snakes and dehydration was involed. Well, I luckily made it back alive. Don’t know who to thank. God? Or maybe these…


One of my favorite kale chips brands on the market is California Snax that are (as you might understand by its name..) organically made here in California. My all time favorite flavor is the “Pizza” (I know, I’m insane…) but these Sour cream and onion ones made with pesticide free kale, cahsews, sunflower seeds, sprouted buckwheat and then spiced with onion, black pepper, sea salt, dill and some more secret spices are not too bad either.

Sitting in the back of the open cab munching straight from this ginormous bag while cruising between no mans land after no mans land was a really interesting experience. Also – imagine it with the background sound of loud Italian dudes.

Find them at Erewhon Natural Market, 7660 Beverly Blvd

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Bella & Chloe lookbook


New lookbook for Bella & Chloe just out. Shot in a cute cabin in Silverlake by talented Bliss Katherine. I’ll show you more later, now I gotta finish my green smoothie and run to Equinox for a Barre class..

Anti-sugar, Anti-oxidant

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This breakfast is perfect if you’re doing a cleanse of some kind. Easy on your digestive system, while at the same time’s filling and full of omega-3 and proteins.

You need:
2 tbs chia seed
Filtered water
1 tsp Armonia powder
1 tsp Acai powder
Vanilla stevia
Hint of cardamom

You do:
Blend the two antioxidant rich superfood powders with a little bit less then 1 cup filtered water. Add chia seeds and a few drops stevia and leave in fridge over night. Cardamom is optional if you’re like me – and is cardamom obsessed since early childhood. It also works as a sweetened in my opinion, brings out the sweetness from the superfood berries.

You eat:
As a kickstart of your morning when on a hardcore cleanse or afternoon boost before heading to a big dinner. It’s super low in calories (about 150kcal!) and sugars but still rich in fibers, protein and monosaturadted fatty acids to keep you full for a while.

About the superfood powders:

Acai: is a berry super rich in antioxidants. It has a powderful detoxification capacities in the human body and it’s said to aid weight loss or maintain a healthy weight. Also a great immune booster with its high Vitamin C content. Last but not least – taste really good with its blueberry-ish flavor. Tumbs up!

Aronia berry: realted to Acai, this berry has a great impact on your blood. Improves circulation, makes blood vessels stronger and reduce the risk of heart disease. Aronia also boosts your immune system with it’s great anti-anflamotoy properties and helps keep away viruses and bad bacteria.

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Crunchy christmas cookies

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Review of these adorable gluten- and refined sugar free, vegan cookies from Mary Gone Crackers soon up!

Vegan oysters for the people!


Oysters and Champagne anyone?!

These artichoke leaf “oysters” with crispy oyster mushroom, a dollop of artichoke purée and finished with yellow tomato bearnaise and kelp caviar is pretty damn good if you ask me. Served every night at Crossroads on Melrose..

Crossroads Kitchen, 8284 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046


Cheesy Herb Brussel Bytes


My cat tries to act dead when she has a feeling I’m gonna force feed her dehydrated brussel sprouts… ;-)

Anyhoooooowwww – I really enjoy these actually. Crunchy brussel sprouts with a vegan cheesy herb flavour. The “cheese” is as usual cashew and the herbs are basil and rosemary. Super tasty and only 160 calories for the whole bag so it’s an awesome light alternative to chips if you’re watching a movie or so. A lot of empty calories before bedtime is never to recommend. I have to say I prefer the parsnip chips that Wonderfully Raw makes tho.. I believe I posted them once?!

Cleansing Cucumber Soup

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Cleansing detox soup that is super easy to make – but also filled with healthy nutritious staples that will cleanse your system. The whole soup is crazy low is calories (only 180!) so it’s perfect to eat for lunch the day after a big holiday meal to feel light and fresh. Colors are Christmassy too ;-)

You need:
3 celery stalks
0,5 ripe avocado
1/3 cucumber
A lot of fresh basil (two handfuls?!)
Fresh squeezed lemon (I did 2 squeez-ez!)
A tbs vegetable boullion
A pinch of cayenne pepper (to get the heat up!)
Filtered water

You do:
Cut the celery and cucumber in smaller pieces. Mix in a blender with little less than 1 cup filtered water. Add the rest of the ingredients. Don’t forget to peel the avocado ;-) Maybe add more water for more volume if the soup gets to much like a mash. Feel free to add more cleansing herbs – like garlic, cumin, parsley and chili pepper.

I personally love using only basil – the soup reminds me of warm, sunny summers in Italy :-)

You eat:
Preferably topped with some crunchy sauerkraut and crushed black pepper. Maybe some seed crackers too?!

Sauerkraut is a great superfood that aids digestion and boost immune system with its high Vitamin C content. Thumbs up!

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