Black on track!

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After traveling I tend to feel bloated and I discovered that the best way to come back to normal is to get rid of the extra water you have in your body after a long flight. I try to stay off salt for a few days and fuel myself with foods that hydrates my body. Watermelon, cucumber, coconut water, celery…

When I got back from LA a few weeks ago I made this refreshing quinoa salad:

Red quinoa with cucumber cubes, chopped celery, lots of parsley, flax seeds and some organic dijon mustard that I used as dressing combined with lemon juice and cold pressed olive oil.

What’s in the glass? Coca-Cola? Noooo… I had a glass of BLK alkalizing fulvic minerals water.. I’ll tell you more about this amazing, super beneficial black colored water within a few days so stay tuned!

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