Antioxidant hemp smoothie

IMG_7459 (kopia)

This antioxidant boost will make you fly high to the sky!

I use avocado instead of banana sometimes when I make smoothies to keep the amount of sugar down. You can then also choose to use a sweetener that is more beneficial for you. I love to use Manuka honey. It’s one of the healthiest food on earth! I should write a post about that someday soon. I have to tell y’all that honey is something most people doesn’t “count” as vegan since honey comes from bees. I eat bee products still, and that’s also something I could write an interesting post about ;-) Wow, so much things to do!

Anyways, here is the recipe for this beautiful blue drink:

You need:
1 cup hemp seed milk
0,5 avocado
Handful of frozen blueberries
1 tbs Acai powder
0,5 tbs purple aronia powder
Cardamom powder
Raw Manuka honey depending on yourself

You do:
Mix all the ingredients together. I added the powders as the last. I also put in some filtered water to make the smoothie a little more liquid. You can add more milk instead, but I prefer to use water so it doesn’t get to heavy.

You eat:
…or drink! I ate it with a spoon and topped it with flax seeds, hemp seeds, cacao nibs and goji berries for some crunch.