Anti-sugar, Anti-oxidant

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This breakfast is perfect if you’re doing a cleanse of some kind. Easy on your digestive system, while at the same time’s filling and full of omega-3 and proteins.

You need:
2 tbs chia seed
Filtered water
1 tsp Armonia powder
1 tsp Acai powder
Vanilla stevia
Hint of cardamom

You do:
Blend the two antioxidant rich superfood powders with a little bit less then 1 cup filtered water. Add chia seeds and a few drops stevia and leave in fridge over night. Cardamom is optional if you’re like me – and is cardamom obsessed since early childhood. It also works as a sweetened in my opinion, brings out the sweetness from the superfood berries.

You eat:
As a kickstart of your morning when on a hardcore cleanse or afternoon boost before heading to a big dinner. It’s super low in calories (about 150kcal!) and sugars but still rich in fibers, protein and monosaturadted fatty acids to keep you full for a while.

About the superfood powders:

Acai: is a berry super rich in antioxidants. It has a powderful detoxification capacities in the human body and it’s said to aid weight loss or maintain a healthy weight. Also a great immune booster with its high Vitamin C content. Last but not least – taste really good with its blueberry-ish flavor. Tumbs up!

Aronia berry: realted to Acai, this berry has a great impact on your blood. Improves circulation, makes blood vessels stronger and reduce the risk of heart disease. Aronia also boosts your immune system with it’s great anti-anflamotoy properties and helps keep away viruses and bad bacteria.