Explore: a day in CPH

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I started my sunny Saturday morning with a brunch at the well known vegan hotspot Café N on Blagardsgade 17 in Norrebro. I love the street the outdoor seating is located on, but unfortunately the food wasn’t really my type.

The “well known vegan” place had a lot of dairy and eggs on their menu. I could call this a vegetarian café. And the food felt unhealthy and fast prepared. But the girl who served be was very kind and I liked the whole atmosphere.

– Brunch plate with vegan tofu omelette (with potatoes inside, even though I asked them to make it without), hummus, vegan tzatziki, quinoa with crushed almonds, vegan aioli, side salad, soy yoghurt with raspberries and müsli (couldn’t eat it since it was made with oats).

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After that I went to Ukrudt – my favorite health food store in Copenhagen. The girls who work there are so lovely, it’s nice and fresh – feels modern – and they have high quality on their products. You find it at Fælledvej 15, also in Norrebro, but also take a look at their website here!

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Passed by Copenhagen’s Natural Bakery on my way towards Indre By. This place is really something. Super cheap and oh so delicious! I bought some sweets that I brought back to Sweden. Like this gluten free, all natural (no refined sugar) and vegan Carrot cake. It was literally to die for!

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I went to Décor – a great vintage store on Rømersgade 9.

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I didn’t eat any of the pastries I bought on the bakery so I thought it was okay to go to 42° RAW for a big lunch. I ate so little of the processed, fatty fried brunch as well  – so I was hungry for some fresh raw.

– Copenhagen’s BEST cashew yoghurt with hazelnut/vanilla buckwheat coconut granola with fresh fruit.
– Quinoa with beet roots, walnuts and apple and a cashew creamed dill cabbage with pumpkin seeds.
– Hemp seeds brownie and Coconut/ginger fudge to take away. Before I left I ate the Licorice one, that was AMAZING.

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Walked around for a while and then sat down in Kongens Have and enjoyed the afternoon.

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I had my last meal at SimpleRAW together with Line and Courtney. I had the portobello paté sandwich, avocado/sprout/lentil patties, falafels, carrot crackers with chili hummus and a green juice. Wonderful evening with these two girls!

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Apart for the amazing raw food – there’s one thing I LOVE about the capital of Denmark; all the flower gardens. Wow, I get amazed of their beauty every time.

Bye for this time, Copenhagen!